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We have nice apartments with a view to Frafjord Lakse river for 2-4 people.

We have 1 boat for rent. 14 feet with a 9,9hp engine.
NOK 600 per day and NOK 3,000 per week + gasoline. Must be ordered.



Gift cards can be purchased, valid for 1 year
You can take out the gift card on our website or buy it at the spa, we can also send it to you.


Accommodation in a two-person apartment for a day with a nice view of the Lakse river here.
In the package, you can borrow dressing gowns, shoes, towels and bed linen.
We start with the infrared sauna and the drome.
In the drome, you get a delicious and exciting point massage with infrared heat, which has been documented on aching joints, removes cellulite, light therapy. You choose the light yourself, for example
green for stress, blue for energy, red for blood circulation etc.
Finally, you are in our popular Månafossbadet with real Dead Sea salt, good jets in the seats and a good neck/back massage. The two of you are enjoying the bath and nice view alone 🥰🥰

About 90 minutes, the whole package
(ord NOK 5400) NOW ONLY NOK 3990. For the whole package with two people.

Package 2❤️

Is similar to package 1, but without accommodation.
If you want to come for a day visit or you have a camper van, boat, tent, we are only 3 minutes away
to depart from Frafjord boat and campsite.
90 min package.
Only NOK 2990 for the entire package for two people.



Peeling/cleansing firming with machine.
Use of special products with a gold mask.
Ends with a lovely facial massage for about 60 minutes.
ord. NOK 1495
NOW ONLY 1195 kr


Popular Finnish sauna (fired with wood) with a lovely view of the Frafjord Lakse river.
Take a dip in the river and watch the salmon swim.
Afterwards you enjoy the good Månafoss bath with Dead Sea minerals in it, get silky skin.

KR 690 per person 60 minutes.
Wanted 90 minute package NOK 890 per person.


We sell drinks with and without alcohol🥂. Can’t bring with you 🇳🇴

Welcome to us with beautiful nature, mountain sea and river views.


If you are groups of 6-12 people, we can serve barbecue food in a cozy barbecue house, get in touch for more info🙂

Welcome to us with beautiful nature

We can also tailor packages for team building with dining in a cozy barbecue house in the evening. 6-9 people, contact tel. 91384423

Welcome to us with beautiful nature experiences.

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We arrange stag parties, children’s parties, dining for groups of 6-12 people with barbecues in a cozy barbecue house.
Contact us for more info.
Welcome to Frafjord Spa with beautiful nature, mountains, river and sea views..🇳🇴🇳🇴M